Frank L Bowser Elementary has long had a playground that children from all over the community have enjoyed. It has stood as one of the top playgrounds in Atlantic Canada for decades, but due to its wood construction it is in need of replacing.  Over the next several months the students, faculty, and volunteers will be fundraising to make this endeavor a reality.  We look forward to your support !!!

Mission Statement

To create an innovative and accessible playground that promotes diversity, fosters imagination, and encourages healthy living.


Project Manager:  Sean Rollo

School Principal:  Kathy Goobie, Jonathan Godbout

Fundraising:  Shannon Rafferty-Terry, Jessica Bourque, Trish Henrichs, Jess Vicarioli

Grants:  Vicki Weaver, Trish Henrichs, Nik Henrichs, Jackie Ashe

Health / Safety / Accessibility:  Stephanie Weir, Rick Rheaume

Public Relations:  Kathy Purcell

Design:  Nik Henrichs, Vicki Weaver

Contractor Relations:  Allyson Clinch

Government Relations:  Rick Rheaume, Allyson Clinch

Finance:  Duane MacDonald, Kathy Goobie, Jonathan Godbout

Student Committee:  Jessica Bourque, Trish Henrichs, Jess Vicarioli

Volunteer Coordination:  Jess Vicarioli